A Personal GPS aimed at Success

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As the daughter of an Army officer, Maya’s transient military upbringing fostered the development of her self-drive and resiliency. By the time Maya entered middle school, she knew she would one day enter the medical field. So it came as no surprise to her friends and family a few years later when she sailed through even the most challenging honors classes offered at her high school, and still felt driven to pursue more: advanced science classes tailored to her career aspirations, in an accelerated format that would get her further, faster.

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Finding the “More”

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Maya enthusiastically enrolled in Fayetteville Tech’s High School Connections program as a junior in high school, and discovered the academic challenge her traditional high school curriculum was lacking. She scored highly proficient on Fayetteville Tech’s program placement tests, which waived requirements on many of the 100-level prerequisite courses required of high school juniors and seniors. When it was time to register for her college classes, she loaded up with 21 semester hours — entirely paid for under the NC Career and College Promise program — and had just one and a half semesters of remaining High School Connections classes to complete before gaining access to the entire Fayetteville Tech course catalog of 200- and 300-level choices.

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Obstacles: neutralized

As you’d imagine, being a 16 year old student in 200- and 300-level college classes that are typically filled with older students in their 20s and 30s, Maya felt a social disconnect. Personally, she knew that she was mentally and academically ready to succeed in this environment, but gaining the acceptance and trust from classmates and instructors required a little extra effort. The support resources at Fayetteville Tech bridged this gap for her. Maya spent a great amount of time in the Student Learning Center, where guidance was always available to provide moral and academic support.

With perseverance and drive unique to most 18-year-olds, Maya graduated from Jack Britt High School (Fayetteville, NC) the Spring of her senior year, simultaneously graduating with an Associates of Science Degree in Biology from Fayetteville Tech Community College that same month.

The future is now hers to decide.

After completing her associate degree, Maya transferred to a 4-year program at Loyola University in New Orleans. While researching particular medical programs, she discovered that a bachelor’s degree was not required to gain entry into dental school*, and that her head start with Fayetteville Tech provided the sufficient base needed to start her application process. With a quick adjustment on her timetable, she’s now completing the four remaining prerequisites needed to enroll in dental school next Fall, and hopes to continue on her accelerated track toward practicing orthodontics.

Overall, the biggest lesson Maya learned through her experiences at Fayetteville Tech, and one that she readily shares with other non-traditional students, is to explore all of the classes and learning opportunities available to anyone who is willing to work for them. Fayetteville Tech showed her that the fields of study available to us are nearly limitless, and the only obstacles to expanding one’s horizons are often just the courage to explore new, unfamiliar possibilities.


FTCC Provided Me Unprecedented Opportunities

“My time at FTCC provided me with unprecedented opportunities to further myself on a personal and educational level. I was blessed with the opportunity to foster professional relationships with astute professors and peers, and was given the chance to explore a plethora of classes in my field of study.” — Maya Reagan