FTCC COVID-19 Safety Protocols

September 15, 2022

Life at FTCC has resumed normal rhythms with the help of everyone’s commitment to safe behaviors.

Although the risk of COVID-19 remains, we have thus far managed the situation well and ask that you remain vigilant in protecting yourself and others. Here’s what you need to know: 

  • COVID Testing: Testing is available through Sally Augustine, FTCC’s COVID Clinical Coordinator. To arrange a test, please contact her at 910-309-0124 or augustis@faytechcc.edu. Please note: FTCC no longer requires weekly testing of any employees. 
  • COVID Exposure or Illness: If you are exposed to COVID-19 or become ill with the virus, please consult the Quarantine and Isolation Calculator at this CDC site to determine if you need to isolate, quarantine or take other steps to prevent spreading the virus.  
  • Required notification: FTCC has replaced its C-40 notification form. The College is now requiring that this simpler, easy-to-fill-out form be filled out by anyone who becomes ill with the virus and who has been on an FTCC campus or property within one (1) week of developing symptoms or testing positive. 
  • To request cleaning of an area due to a COVID exposure: Please email these requests to Richard Lee at leeri@faytechcc.edu. Please do NOT submit this information through a work order. 
  • Safe behaviors: FTCC encourages all to continue to follow sanitation guidelines, including regular hand-washing, and to exercise caution. If you need a face mask, please contact the housekeeper in your building.  

FTCC is grateful to each of you for your care, perseverance and dedication in helping the College maintain operations with a keen focus on safety for our faculty, staff, students and family members. Thank you for your continued diligence! 



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